Platinum Plus



This is our most popular and well know premium small venue package. Experience the energy & excitement that earned Ted Schwank the title “The Most Energetic Magician on the Planet” by entertainment agents & fellow magicians around the country!


If you are looking for the “Best of the Best” with even more time, more production & more punch the Platinum Plus Package is your top choice. Enjoy this spectacular interactive 60+ minute major production show with all the “bells & whistles” plus non-stop excitement all accompanied by powerful pre-recorded show music and professional sound system. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser…Truly, an unforgettable event!


Children & Adults Love Ted’s Magic!



All small venue packages include 15 minutes of after show excitement as the show music continues to play and the guests have the opportunity the pet “Presto The Magic Rabbit" and hold the white doves on their finger-tips!